Kids Bubblemaker

This is the perfect scuba diving program for those families who love to travel together and enjoy adrenaline.

Who can take this program?

Bubblemaker program is as fun as it sounds, this is a great opportunity for kids to make bubbles beneath the water while they practice scuba diving with our NATIVE GUIDES. The kids must be 8 years or older to use scuba gear to breath underwater and explore shallow water.

Kids must feel comfortable in the water, but experience or swimming skills are NOT required. Parental approval is required.

What will your child learn?

During the bubblemaker, your child will:

  • Experience scuba diving under the direct supervision and care of a PADI professional.
  • Breathe beneath shallow waters (up to 2 meters/6 ft deep).
  • Learn about the use of scuba diving equipments for kids.
  • Have a lot of fun while they learn and see marine animals.

What scuba gear will your child use?

During this program, your child will learn about the correct manage and use of the scuba diving gear, how to clean the mask and regulator in the water, and a quick review of what to do and not do while breathing with the equipment.

scuba diving equipment